John 17 - Jesus's Prayer for Unity (That Time Jesus Prayed for You)
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John 17: Jesus’s Prayer for Unity (That Time Jesus Prayed for You)

I have felt such a heavy burden for the church (the body of Christ) in recent months! I’ve seen such beauty displayed among its members at times that I feel as if I’ve gotten a glimpse of heaven. Yet, I’ve also seen so much damage being done. I’ve seen ministries torn down, precious people wounded, and I’ve felt the heart of my Savior break over what should never be! The Spirit has led me again and again to John 17, whispering to my soul, “This is my deepest desire – the greatest longing of my heart!” I feel compelled to appeal once more to the small audience I have and ask us all to revisit this passage together, asking God to lead us to the cry of His heart. Asking Him to make us one. So, let’s look together at John 17 – the passage in which Jesus prays for His precious church.

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How to rest in the names of God - A Sleep Exercise
Discovering Jehovah Rapha

How to Rest in the Names of God: A Sleep Exercise

When my mind is racing, and I find sleep impossible, there’s a fun little game I play with God to focus my mind on Him. Often times, this simple act of discipline is all it takes to calm my anxieties and bring rest.

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Psalms 56 - God is On My Side, What Can Mere Mortals Do To Me
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Psalms 56: God is On My Side, What Can Mere Mortals Do to Me?

The sin of sexual addiction runs rampant in our world and people are hurting! Families are being destroyed. Hearts are being broken. Lives are being ruined and even lost! The enemy is winning far too many battles. It can be easy to question where God is in all of these stories. To begin to doubt His sovereignty and His loving care. But Scripture reminds us that He is there. He is working, even when we can’t see it. The enemy may seem to be winning the battles, but the war is already won. I would like to share a Psalm that I hope will be a great encouragement to the precious women who are hurting so badly right now because of it.

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