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Finding My Identity in Christ

One of the key aspects of healing from any kind of brokenness is finding my identity in Christ. I cannot allow myself to be defined by any outside source. Not by people, or circumstances, or the lies the enemy whispers. It has to be the Truth of Scripture - the reality of who I am as a dearly loved daughter of God.

The thing is, once I am finding my identity in Christ, I find the power to leave the past behind and live in victory, fulfilling the unique and specific purposes God set for me from before the foundation of the earth!

If, like me, you have struggled to understand who you are, and have a hard time drowning out the lies, I hope you'll join me here as we dig into God's Word together to discover who we really are, and what wonderful things God has in store for us as we live on purpose for His Kingdom!

My Identity in Christ
Leaving the Past Behind
Living on Purpose

Need help finding your identity in Christ? Start here.

Finding my identity in Christ  is a process. The categories above will help you narrow your search if you're already on your way. But if you're still at the very beginning, and you're not even sure where to start, we've got you covered.

The post, Finding my Identity Through the Fog, walks through some foundational truth from the Word of God. And for more in depth study, our Identified Series works through the book of Ephesians, using it to help define who we are in Christ.

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Book Recommendations for Finding My Identity in Christ