The Biblical Boundaries Series

Establishing good, Biblical boundaries in our lives is important to every believer. Unfortunately there aren’t many of us who are sure what that looks like. We don’t know what the Bible teaches about boundaries, especially when it comes to our relationships, particularly the marriage relationship. So in this series, we are digging into Scripture together and methodically finding answers to our questions about how to define, establish, and implement healthy Biblical boundaries.

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.
Proverbs 4:23

Our Biblical Boundaries Resources

The Biblical Boundaries Series

We’ll start this series out by defining boundaries starting with the world’s definitions, and then applying God’s ideas about boundaries to help us understand what Biblical boundaries are going to look like. 

As followers of Christ, our goal is to become like Him. For that reason, there is much we can learn about what healthy boundaries look like based simply on how He makes boundaries with us. Here are 5 principles we can learn by observing His example in Scripture.

Building on the five principles we learned in the previous post, we’ll continue to look to the boundaries God enacts throughout the pages of Scripture in order to better understand what healthy boundaries look like.

In this post we ask, what rules do I need to set or follow as I work to establish Biblical boundaries in my own life and in my relationships?

It’s time to take what we’ve learned and figure out how to practically apply it. We’re answering the question, “How do I actually set Biblical boundaries?” It’s time to come up with a strategy for laying out our borders, building our fences, and installing our gates. FREE downloadable worksheets included to help you get started.

We’re going to wrap this series up with a quick reminder of who’s in control. What it’s so easy to forget in the midst of all the chaos of life is that being obedient to God in this area (really in any area) allows us to step out of the way and Him to do His work. Setting good, Biblical boundaries puts God in control!

Did you love the series, but find yourself wanting more interaction with the material in order to learn how to apply it in your situation? Or, did you find yourself thinking of a friend, family member, or other loved one who would greatly benefit from this material? If so, I’ve got great news! This series has been broadened and re-worked into a workbook designed to help the reader take the principles in this series and apply them in his or her own life. It’s available now on Amazon, or in our store! Get yours today!