Resource Library

We are always working to put together products and resources that we believe will either be helpful to you, our audience, as we all pursue healing through Jesus, or that will somehow bring us a little delight along the way. Check back often because we’re always working on writing new books, designing new printables, and coming up with little things to wear or place around the house to remind us of God and His faithfulness.

Here are some of our favorite items in the shop:

Are you looking for many more resources to help you with affair recovery? We’ve gathered quite a few, many completely separate from this ministry. So check out our Affair Recovery Resources page to find them all.

We have lots of free printable resources too! Here are some favorites:

Don't forget the Biblical Boundaries Workbook!

Link to the Biblical Boundaries Workbook (help for those looking to implement healthy, God honoring boundaries while recovering from betrayal trauma) on Amazon.

Our first book – the Biblical Boundaries Workbook will help you figure out how to define, establish and implement boundaries in your own life that are in line with Scripture and honor yourself, the people in your life, and most importantly, God!