Learn how to define, establish and implement healthy boundaries that are God-honoring, and Biblically sound with this Biblical Boundaries Workbook

The Biblical Boundaries Workbook

Have you heard a lot of talk about boundaries, and been told you need to set them in your relationship? Are you struggling to understand how the idea of boundaries fits into a healthy, Christian relationship? Are you confused about what God wants you to do when it comes to setting boundaries? You’re not alone! I struggled for a lot of years to find Biblical answers when it came to the idea of boundaries. Finally, I decided to dive into the Word of God with that specific focus in mind and read through the whole thing, looking specifically for how it deals with the issue of relational boundaries. I was so surprised by what I found! I’ve taken a lot of that information and compiled it into an interactive workbook format to help you walk through Scripture with me, and then answer the hard questions that will help you apply it in your own life. You’ll find straight-forward, practical information without the fluff.

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