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Tag: Facing Fear

Fear is a big problem in our world. Anxiety, chronic worry, depression… It’s all sinking deeper and deeper into our lives and leaving too many of us broken and paralyzed. So we’re facing our fears through these Bible studies on fear and faith. We’re learning why it is important to fear God, and how walking in the fear of the Lord is the starting point to breaking the spirit of fear in our lives. As we tear down these strongholds with the help of Jesus, we’re learning to put faith over fear and live victoriously with peace of mind and heart. So check out the Facing Fear series!

Breaking the Spirit of Fear Faith Over Fear

Breaking the Spirit of Fear: Faith Over Fear

There is a little phrase peppered throughout Scripture. It shows up in several different forms, but they all mean the same thing. Over and over, God says, “Do not fear,” or “Don’t be afraid,” or “Fear not,” to His people.
What we want to know is, why should it matter to us? When God says, “Do not fear,” what reasons do we have to listen? How is placing our unwavering trust in God different from foolishly burying our heads in the sand in denial of legitimate dangers we are going to face?