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Tag: Christmas

Posts about Christmas. Includes character studies of the nativity cast, pieces on how to cope through the holiday season, reflections on the birth of Christ, and more.

Mary’s Heart: The Treasures and the Sorrows of the Mother of Jesus

What comes to mind when you think of Mary, the mother of Christ? My guess is that most of us have found inspiration in her story. She was a godly young lady. One we should all look to as an example and role model. We easily recognize the great honor she was given: selected from all the women throughout time to mother the Savior of the world! But have we pondered the trials of such a magnificent calling? I believe with some study and a little contemplation, a fuller appreciation for her story can help put into perspective the trials we’re called to endure for the cause of Christ. Perhaps we’ll realize that the very things that have brought us the deepest pain are, in fact, indications of the favor of God!