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Tag: Africa Stories

We’ve had the privilege of spending some time traveling in Senegal, Africa. God has used these experiences in our healing and through them we’ve met some amazing people and heard some amazing testimonies. These are the stories we’ve gathered from our travels in Africa.

How to Move Past the Pain: Looking Beyond Yourself when Jesus is Calling

How to Move Past the Pain: Looking Beyond Yourself when Jesus is Calling

You guys, God is doing a work in my heart! Jesus is calling to me. I have been processing with Him ever since we got back from our trip to Senegal at the beginning of June. I’ve been almost paralyzed; unable to write because there were just so many thoughts swirling around in my head. I still don’t know exactly what He’s up to, but there are some things I do know, and I’d really love to share them with you.

Final Thoughts from our Africa 2017 Trip (Part Two)

Last week I shared with you some final stories from our big trip to Africa a little over two months ago, and promised to wrap up the series this week with some final thoughts and take-aways. As I told you last week, we’re about as sure as we can be (without the ability to see the future) that there is a lot more Africa in our future. How, and when that will happen – we have no idea. But we’re trusting God to lead us in His will and in His time. I’m going to close this series now telling you what our kids enjoyed most about the trip, and their biggest take-away, then my love’s most impactful moments and lessons, and finally my own wrap up of the whole thing. I hope you are blessed (as we were) by how God worked.

Final Thoughts from our Africa 2017 Trip (Part One)

t’s been a little over two months since our big family trip to western Africa, but it all still seems so fresh! We’re still talking about it almost every day. In fact, just this morning as we were driving our youngest son to school, he asked if we could go back tomorrow. How we wish we could! Apart from missing all the wonderful people we left behind over there, we’ve also had time to process all that God taught us on that amazing trip, and we long for more! God opened our eyes in so many ways. May we keep them open and continue to pursue His purposes surrounding our lives and ministries! I’d like to take this week and next to share a few more stories, and some of our final thoughts to wrap up the Africa 2017 series. God willing, there will be many more Africa visits to come!

Following God when Faith Costs You Everything – 2

Last week I shared with you the first part of Mariama’s testimony: How she heard about the Lord, and how He miraculously drew her to Himself. I told you about her Muslim family and how after she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior they abused her, took everything from her, (including her two precious babies) and eventually disowned her. I told you how God provided for her through impossible circumstances and called her to serve Him as a missionary to her own people. I told you how her ministry began and how even as God blessed her through the love and support of other believers her heart still longed to see her children again and for them to come to know her Savior. That is where we’ll pick up now.

Following God when Faith Costs You Everything – Part 1

This is a true story, but names have been changed and places have been kept very vague. The people in this story live in a part of the world where Christians are persecuted for their faith. Telling their story puts them in danger, but they want people to know what God is doing. God is using these brave believers in mighty ways, but they need our help. They need our prayers, and they need our support.

Finding Courage When God Opens Doors

When I was a child I always believed that I would end up on the mission field myself one day, but God hasn’t yet opened that door. Every time our church sent out a missions team I longed to be a part of it, but circumstances never allowed it. As our children grew that longing deepened, as I wanted so desperately to expose them to those same lessons I had learned as a child. But alas, the dream seemed impossible since I knew it was very unlikely to ever get my love to agree to go. I couldn’t seem to get him to catch my passion, no matter how hard I tried; no matter how hard I prayed. Trip after trip after trip passed us by.