A New Kind of Love - A Bible Study on Love

A New Kind of Love

A Bible Study on Love

God’s people have always been called to love. Jesus himself spoke of the greatest commandments being those to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and to love your neighbor as yourself. But things changed after Jesus came as the ultimate picture of love. No longer were the people of God simply called to a selfless love. Now, we’re called to A NEW KIND OF LOVE.
Join us in this Bible study on love as we discover how our new identity as children of God changes everything, not just about how we’re loved, but about how we’re called to love others as well.

Above al, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 
1 Peter 4:8 (NIV)

A New Kind of Love Series Posts

Here are the four parts of this series in our Bible study on love. There is a whole lot here, so I hope you’ll take your time and work through the content, seeking out truth for yourself in the pages of Scripture as you go along. Remember, I am a flawed human, and I get stuff wrong. But the Word of God is infallible. Let it be your guide, and your source of truth. And please always feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. Enjoy!

A New Commandment - Jesus' Teaching on Love

A New Commandment – Jesus’ Teaching on Love

We’ve been working our way through a Bible study on love, and today we’re getting into the heart of the whole series as we finally learn about the new kind of love Jesus brought onto the scene. Jesus’ teaching on love was pretty radical, and there’s a lot for us to unpack there, but the way He loved was what changed everything. The love of Christ was a new kind of love, and with it came a new commandment about how we’re called to love. So let’s get out our Bibles and get into it! Jesus’ Teaching on Love We’re

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The Greatest Commandments - Called to Love

The Greatest Commandments – Called to Love

We’ve started a new series on Biblical love called A New Kind of Love. We’re studying Scripture together to learn about this great mystery called love. Last time, we introduced the ideas we’re going to cover through the rest of the series, and talked about the history of love: Why it was created and the purpose it was designed to serve, how the sin of humanity has distorted it, what God’s law said about love, and how Jesus changed everything with a new kind of love. Today we’re going back to the part about God’s law in order to dig

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A New Kind of Love - How Jesus Changed Everything

A New Kind of Love – How Jesus Changed Everything

L-O-V-E. Four letters. And yet, all wrapped up in those four little letters is a whole world of ideas. There are misconceptions, lies, and half-truths; and there are also beautiful whole-truths about God and who He created us to be. We were made to love and be loved; to love God, and love people. Today, we’re starting a new series on Biblical love. A new kind of love. As we open the Word of God together, we’re going to discover, not just how love has been distorted throughout time, but also how Jesus changed everything when He came to earth

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You can also find a guest post I wrote for Kingdom Bloggers that goes along with this series:

Resources for Loving with A New Kind of Love

...and here are a few products I thought seemed fun to remind us to live out a new kind of love.

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