I Am Complete in Christ and Deeply Rooted in God's Love
My Identity in Christ

I Am Complete in Christ and Deeply Rooted in God’s Love.

Today we want to let a few profound truths about our identity sink down like roots that keep us secure in the knowledge that in Christ, I am strong, SO deeply loved, and complete. Oh you guys, I find myself longing that we could all truly understand these truths, just as Paul did as he wrote our passage for today. I fall to my knees and pray along with him that they would sink deep into our hearts and change us forever!

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Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop cover image
Healing from Betrayal Trauma

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop: Is He Still Lying to Me?

Often, when lies have defined a relationship for many years, we’re left wondering, will I ever stop waiting for the other shoe to drop? Even after years of solid recovery, many of us find ourselves struggling to believe we’re not still being lied to. How can we ever know for sure; we wonder? What if we’re being naïve or foolish? What if He got a whole lot better at hiding it? Why didn’t God reveal the truth sooner the first time? How can I be sure He’ll reveal it this time? What if… How could he… Why did He… How will I… The questions are endless and maddening! So how can we put a stop to them before we lose our minds, and bankrupt our faith?

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Communicating God's Way: Tell the Truth Cover Image
Restoring a Broken Marriage

Communicating God’s Way – Tell the Truth!

We’ve been studying what the Bible has to say about communication, and this week it’s all about how important it is that we all tell the truth. All the time. We need to be deeply committed, as the saying goes, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in our marital communication, and you better believe we’re going to need some help from God!

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I Am Part of God's Eternal Plan Revealed
My Identity in Christ

I Am Part of God’s Eternal Plan Revealed

What is our part in God’s Eternal Plan? As you are discovering your God-given purpose, remember that many generations have waited for the treasure we have in Scripture – the mysteries of God revealed.

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