Getting to Know God through the Trinity

Let’s take a little break from all the sexual addiction and betrayal trauma content and spend a few weeks just getting to know our God a little better. Sometimes I need to step away and focus on my Savior, don’t you? Let’s spend the next 5 weeks doing a little study on God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This week we’ll learn about the Trinity. After that we’ll take three weeks dedicating one to each Person of the Godhead. Finally, in the fifth week we’ll examine our role – what should our response be to God?  The goal of all this is simple: We want to know God!  We wantRead More →

How to Move Past the Pain: Looking Beyond Yourself when Jesus is Calling

You guys, God is doing a work in my heart! Jesus is calling to me. I have been processing with Him ever since we got back from our trip to Senegal at the beginning of June. I’ve been almost paralyzed; unable to write because there were just so many thoughts swirling around in my head. I still don’t know exactly what He’s up to, but there are some things I do know, and I’d really love to share them with you.  Before we go any further, if you haven’t read Mariama’s story from our first trip a lot of what I’m going to talk about just isn’t going to makeRead More →

Is it Real Recovery? How to Recognize the fruit of the Spirit

For the past two weeks we’ve been digging into Galatians 5 to help us understand the quantifiable differences between a person who is living to please the Spirit – one who is repentant and in recovery, and one who is living to please the flesh – someone who is putting on a good show, but is still living in bondage to sin. More or less, we’re trying to understand the differences between the fruit of the Spirit and the fruit of the flesh. In week one we saw how we all fall under the curse of the law early in life and find ourselves inRead More →

Is it Real Recovery? - How to Recognize the Fruit of the Flesh.

Last week we started dissecting Galatians 5 in order to understand the difference between a person who is truly in recovery, and one who is still living  a lie. (The difference between the fruit of the Spirit, and the fruit of the flesh) It’s important we know how to tell the difference in order for us to be able to make wise decisions about how to move forward. The good news is, God will always equip those who are His to live in wisdom! He’s given us His Word, and He’s given us the Holy Spirit. We need only submit to their leading and He’llRead More →

Is It Real Recovery - How to Evaluate the Evidence

*This series was originally a single (VERY long) post entitled “How to Know if Recovery is Real” published in October of 2017. As time has passed I have come to the conclusion that this material is very important, but would be better served as a series. So I am updating and re-working it to better reach those who would benefit from the information it offers. When I first wrote this post we weren’t even a year into recovery. I recognized what the Bible said, but was a little afraid to make a bold stand on the conclusions I’d drawn from it. Another 9 months downRead More →