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Month: June 2017

Following God when Faith Costs You Everything – Part 1

This is a true story, but names have been changed and places have been kept very vague. The people in this story live in a part of the world where Christians are persecuted for their faith. Telling their story puts them in danger, but they want people to know what God is doing. God is using these brave believers in mighty ways, but they need our help. They need our prayers, and they need our support.

Finding Courage When God Opens Doors

When I was a child I always believed that I would end up on the mission field myself one day, but God hasn’t yet opened that door. Every time our church sent out a missions team I longed to be a part of it, but circumstances never allowed it. As our children grew that longing deepened, as I wanted so desperately to expose them to those same lessons I had learned as a child. But alas, the dream seemed impossible since I knew it was very unlikely to ever get my love to agree to go. I couldn’t seem to get him to catch my passion, no matter how hard I tried; no matter how hard I prayed. Trip after trip after trip passed us by.