This Day in History: 0000-10-21

October 21 – Psalm 116:1-2

I love the Lord because He hears my voice and my prayer for mercy.
Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!

Do you ever feel like you have no one to talk to? No one who will really listen to you and understand you?

Living in this fallen world with other broken people can be so lonely.  We all fail one another time and time again.  But the God of Heaven is always listening.  His love and His mercies never cease.

I love to picture a loving father, squatting down to the level of his precious child and looking into her teary eyes as she pours out her heart to him.  Something has happened that is causing her pain, and she wants her daddy to fix it.  Can’t you just see him listening patiently while she tells him her whole story?  Don’t you imagine him scooping her up into His arms and comforting her?  Do you doubt for a second that he will do everything he can to make it right and set her world back in order?

Friends, we are the precious children of the King of kings and the Lord of lords!  He hears our prayers for mercy, and He is bending down to listen!

Let His faithfulness inspire our love! Let’s look into His eyes and pray as long as we have breath!