This Day in History: 0000-10-17

October 17 – Jeremiah 15:16

When I discovered Your words I devoured them. They are my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear Your name, oh Lord God of Heaven’s Armies.

Are we devouring the words of the Lord?  Oh, friends, I truly hope so! I am often dismayed at the number of people who claim the name of Christ who aren’t spending regular time in His Word.  This should not be!

The Bible is our lifeline. It’s our source of communication with the Lord God Almighty!  How can we claim a relationship with Him if we are never taking the time to listen to Him?

Would any of us be content in a relationship in which we are mostly ignored by the other?  In which communication, though rare, only happens in one direction – to ask us to do something for them? Certainly not.  Nor should we be.  That is not a relationship.  At best, that is servitude, and just as we were not designed for that kind of relationship, the High King of Heaven did not invite us into relationship with Him so that we could treat Him like a servant.

No, friends, in a healthy relationship, we are eager to connect with one another.  Communication happens in both directions. We are delighted to listen to, and learn about the one we love. When we talk, it is not just to ask for a favor, but to share our hearts, and to receive a piece of theirs in return.

This is the relationship into which our Lord has invited us.  He has made us His bride, and given us His Name.  May we long to be close to Him, devour His Word, and may it bring us joy and delight our hearts!