This Day in History: 0000-09-21

September 21 – Joel 2:12-13

That is why the Lord says, “Turn to me now, while there is time. 
Give me your hearts.  Come with fasting, weeping, and mourning.  
Don’t tear your clothing in your grief, but tear your hearts instead.”
Return to the Lord your God, for He is merciful and compassionate, 
slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love. 
He is eager to relent and not punish.

There is no person who is beyond God’s reach.  No person still living who doesn’t have a chance to turn to Him and be rescued!  Not you, not the people you love.

Have you hardened your heart to Him?  Has pain piled up all around you and built a barrier between you and God?  Turn to Him now, while there is still time!  Give Him your heart!

Praise the Lord, He is so patient with us! There were many months not that long ago when I was very angry with God and allowed that emotion to turn my heart from Him.  But His unfailing love pursued me relentlessly until I could resist Him no more.  We are His, and He is filled with mercy and compassion.  Let’s rend our hearts today and return to the Lord our God!

Or, perhaps it’s not you.  Is there someone you love who is running from God?  There is still time!  Let’s cry out to God for the ones we love.  Let’s pray these verses over them.  Let’s remember that He is eager to relent and not punish, and let’s strive to be like Him.  Let’s pray for repentance. Let’s pray that the hearts of our loved ones will be broken.  May they turn and come to Him with fasting and mourning and receive His forgiveness.

“Dear God, thank-you for Your love and patience!  Make us Yours! Amen.”