This Day in History: 0000-05-23

May 23 – Luke 18:1-8

One day Jesus told His disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up. “There was a judge in a certain city,” He said, “who neither feared God nor cared about people. A widow of that city came to him repeatedly, saying, ‘Give me justice in this dispute with my enemy.’ The judge ignored her for a while, but finally he said to himself, ‘I don’t fear God or care about people. but this woman is driving me crazy. I’m going to see that she gets justice, because she is wearing me out with her constant requests!'”
Then the Lord said, “Learn a lesson from this unjust judge. Even he rendered a just decision in the end. So don’t you think God will surely give justice to His chosen people who cry out to Him day and night? Will He keep putting them off? I tell you, He will grant justice to them quickly! But when the Son of Man returns, how many will He find on the earth who have faith?”

Do you ever get tired of praying the same things over and over again? Do you feel like God isn’t listening, or that He doesn’t care?  I know, I’ve felt that way too.  Sometimes it’s so hard not to.  But we really can trust that the Bible is always true.  We can know that the promises of God will never be unfulfilled, and He gives us a wonderful promise here:  When we pray to him with consistency He will see that we get justice; and quickly.  Will we chose to believe the promise?  When Christ returns, will He find us faithful?

I know life hurts right now. I’m sorry.  But we have an opportunity to grow our faith here.

Let’s choose to believe that God will give us justice and cry out to Him day and night with our pleas for resolution. Let’s never give up.  Let’s make certain that the answer to that question: “When the Son of Man comes, how many will He find on the earth who have faith?” is a resounding, at least two (me and you)!  Yes, He will indeed find faith among us!