This Day in History: 0000-01-06

January 6 – Psalms 59:16-17

But as for me, I will sing about Your power. Each morning I will sing with joy about Your unfailing love.
For You have been my refuge, a place of safety when I am in distress.
Oh my Strength, to You I sing praises, for You, Oh God, are my refuge,
the God who shows me unfailing love.

Can we all join together today and resolve to give praise to God for His mighty power? Can we take a day to simply stand in awe of who He is? I know that life is hard, but we serve a risen Lord, and He is worthy of all our praise. Sometimes we need to just stop, take a breath, and offer up to Him our wholehearted worship!

Let’s take a practical step today to help us be among those who stand and say, “But as for me, I will sing about Your power!” Let’s resolve to make a habit, each morning to spend just one minute, before we get out of bed, and offer up a simple list of praises. Let’s thank Him each morning for His love and faithfulness. Let’s thank Him that we belong to Him!

I know I can say He has indeed been my refuge. He has been my only place of safety. Through every disastrous distress, He has faithfully protected me. He is my Strength! Each time I have believed I couldn’t go on. Each time I have felt like giving up, He has provided for me everything I needed to weather the storm. He has kept me in one piece despite how I have been shattered. He is the only One to whom I can sing praises. He is the only One to show me unfailing love. His love is so strong, so true, so enduring! It has been my Lifeline. My Lighthouse. My Everything! He is the One True God, and I praise Him with all that I am!