6 Steps to Redeem the Holidays from the Fear of the Past

Several months ago I had the honor of being asked to make a guest appearance over at Faith Beyond Fear. Of course, I was eager to accept, and when we decided on a publication date of last week I realized it would fall right in the middle of our Redeeming Thanksgiving series. So, I decided to tie what I wrote into that topic. If you’ve never checked out the Faith Beyond Fear website, I highly recommend you spend a little time over there. Not only to read this post, but the wealth of others as well. There are so many wonderful articles for anyone whoRead More →

How to Find Peace with a Thankful Heart

*Republished from November 13, 2017 I hope you’ve been redeeming thanksgiving with me this month! If you haven’t noticed, Hope for Today has also been focusing on developing a thankful heart all month. My prayer is that by the time Thanksgiving actually rolls around we’ll have set the world on fire with our exuberant praises for the Lord God Almighty! Last week we learned how a thankful heart can produce hope and joy. Today, let’s look at another by-product of thanksgiving:  The Peace of God  Philippians 4:6-7 – Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all HeRead More →

How to restore hope and joy by living thankful

*Republished from November 6, 2017 I hope you read Cultivating a Heart of Thanksgiving to Restore the Broken last week. In it I explained why I feel the need to take the month of November and dedicate it to learning everything we can about thanks-giving. The practice of giving thanks has a much grander role in the life of a believer than one celebratory day a year could encompass. Still, that one day is special to me, and it has been abused in recent years. I want to redeem this wonderful holiday, or rather, I want to allow my great and mighty God to redeem it. IRead More →

Redeeming Thanksgiving: Cultivating a Heart of Thanksgiving to Restore the Broken

*Republished from November 1, 2017. Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday for a long time! I love everything about it: The food, the fellowship, the family, the fall, and all the wonderful feels. (Hehe, I didn’t even mean to make those all words that start with F until the end. Fun! Haha)  But the past few years have taken a big ole dump all over my Thanksgivings.  In 2015 I caught my husband in an affair (the first time I had discovered an actual physical affair) days before Thanksgiving. I don’t remember much about that Thanksgiving Day, other than feeling completely shell-shocked. Like the world was still moving silently around me, but in slow motion – while I was frozenRead More →

Pornography &Marriage in a Millennial World Part 2 - Be Informed, Know the Facts

Part Two – Be informed. Know the Facts Last week we talked about the dangers of pornography in marriage from a Biblical perspective. This week let’s get informed about some of the facts surrounding this issue. This article was originally published for the site young-wives.com, which is no longer active. So I am publishing it here in order to be sure the content remains available. I am grateful to the ladies who worked at young-wives.com for trusting me with this topic, and giving me the opportunity to speak out. It’s no small issue to tackle. Here is what I wrote: To the readers, let me startRead More →

Pornography & Marriage in a Millennial World Part 1 - Know Who You Are, Know why it Matters

Part One – Know Who You Are. Know Why It Matters  A few weeks ago, I had an experience that has rocked me to my core. Since that day I have been overwhelmed with a burden for the generation of women who identify as millennials. Many in this young group of ladies are entering the early years of marriage. My eyes have been opened to an issue they’re dealing with that breaks my heart. An issue that sends me to my knees.   It comes as no surprise to me that the world at large has turned a blind eye to the life-shattering dangers of pornography, but I was stunned to find that even among “moral”Read More →

Sunshine Blogger Award

I’m doing something a little different today. I was honored to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by my friend Diane at Worth Beyond Rubies. Thank-you Diane, it means so much to me to be recognized by other bloggers who know what goes into keeping something like this going. So, today I’m going to answer the questions I was asked as part of this award, nominate my own bloggers, and ask them my burning questions. This will be fun, so read on! About the Award The Sunshine Blogger Award is a peer recognition award to showcase bloggers who are creative, uplifting, and inspiring. It alsoRead More →

Do I Trust God's Good Plan for Me?

We’ve resolved to find the courage to ask ourselves the hard questions, and answer them honestly, understanding it is a difficult but important part of the healing process. We’ve already wrestled with whether or not we want to heal. We’ve looked our Healer in the eyes and evaluated our instinct to answer, “I can’t,” finding in that process the tools we needed to finally pick up our mats and walk! We’re moving forward now, refusing to go back to old ways and answering another hard question today: Do I trust God’s good plan for me? Let’s dig deep and evaluate ourselves honestly, because this isRead More →

Do I want to Heal? Finding the courage to answer the hard questions

Asking ourselves the hard questions is a difficult but important part of the healing process. Questions like do I want to heal, do I trust God, and am I willing to obey no matter what have to be addressed. But even more important is having the courage to dig deep and answer them honestly! Until we can be real with ourselves and with God, we’ll never find the tools to deal with the situation as it actually stands. We’ll waste our time working on issues that don’t address the heart of the matter. So let’s ask ourselves one of those hard questions today. Let’s look at the answers thatRead More →

4 Myths about Recovery from Sexual Addiction

I hope you read last week’s post by my all-time favorite guest author, My Love! He shared the first two of four myths about recovery from sexual addiction, or, “lies sex addicts believe about recovery.” If you didn’t catch it, please go back and read it now. You really don’t want to miss it. Today he’ll finish up with the last two myths about recovery. We’re looking forward to many more posts from him in the future which you’ll now be able to find under the “For Him from My Love” category. Okay, here he is:  I spent more than 20 years of my life as a slave to sexual addiction. ThroughoutRead More →