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Sexual Addictions hijack so many aspects of a man's life. They blind him to reality. BUT, there is hope and healing in Jesus Christ!
My Love lived more than 20 years of his life as a slave to sexual addiction, but by the grace of God, he has been set free. He offers his story, along with the tools he found along the way, in hopes that you too will turn to the One who is offering you freedom from those heavy chains.

Recovering from Sexual Addictions Resources

Let's Chat!

Addiction's hold is oppressive, but freedom IS possible! Talk to someone who has already walked this path and learn how to utilize the tools God has provided to you. You can contact Steve via email anytime, and he will be happy to offer you his friendship and support, and on honest voice to help keep you accountable as you recover.

A MUST READ for healing from Sexual Addiction

Resources Beyond HDLD Ministries

Heart to Heart is the ministry of Dr. Doug Weiss, and offers some of the best resources available to men recovering from sexual addiction!

The Beyond the Battle Podcast is just one resource offered by Noah Filipiak's ministry. Start listening today to discover your true identity in Christ in an over-sexualized world.