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Our Story

Like any other, our story has its mountain tops and its valleys.  In this case, though, our deepest valley is what God has chosen to redeem and build into a ministry. We've struggled through sexual addiction, chronic infidelity, deep betrayal, and all the trauma that goes with it. Despite all that, our marriage has survived and healed. (Or, at least, it is healing.)

It is our prayer that by sharing the details of our story with you, you will find hope and encouragement on your own journey.  Infidelity and betrayal are some of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. In their wake we often feel so isolated and alone, and so SO hopeless. We want to meet you right there and reassure you that you are not alone after all. We're connected to a whole community of brothers and sisters facing these same trials. We'd love for you to join us!

Beyond all that, we want you to know that God is still there too. He has not failed you, even though it probably feels like He has. He didn't do this, and His heart breaks with yours. He's eager to comfort you and to offer you healing. We've experienced His miraculous work, and we pray that as you read through our story it will remind you of the love and power of the only Source of true healing and encourage you to run into His open arms.

May it all be for His infinite glory!

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Our Story
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