Identity in Christ

Whether it is betrayal that has most recently wrecked you or something else, we’re all broken in one way or another. As life riddles us with traumas both great and small, it can be tempting to begin to question the sovereign God who would allow such pain and misery. We wonder if He is really good, if He really loves us, and sometimes even if He is really in control. Along the way we can lose sight of who we are as well. That’s why true healing must begin by getting to know the God of the Bible for who He really is, surrendering our lives to Him and His plan, and then learning to find our identity in Christ.

For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body. So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority.
1 Corinthians 15:57-58

Identity in Christ is found through two steps:

Did you know we have a daily devotional feature here at His Dearly Loved Daughter Ministries? We have chosen a short passage of Scripture for each day of the year, and included a little encouragement ( and a pretty verse image) with each one. These devotionals are designed to be a short, quick way for you to find a little burst of motivation to press into Jesus each day as you heal.

Identity in Christ is found through Bible study

If you’re not reading the Bible on a very regular basis it’s going to be really hard to find out who God is let alone who He says you are! But for some of us, Bible study can be really intimidating. We’re not sure we’re doing it right. We lack confidence in our ability to understand and rightly interpret what we read. But friend, if you belong to God, you have His very own Holy Spirit living within you. The Bible tells us He will faithfully teach us exactly what God intends for us to learn when we come in humility with eyes to see and ears to hear. So let me encourage you to just choose obedience and dig in for yourself! Leave the rest to Him. And if you want a little help and direction as you get started, we’ve included some of our favorite Bible study tools and resources below.

Here’s a post I wrote with lots of tips, ideas, and resources to help you dig into Scripture for yourself and start to find your identity in Christ through the truths of His Word!

Our Scripture Writing Resources

If you’ve never tried it, Scripture writing is a great way to interact with the Word of God, helping it to sink deep into your heart. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Just writing out the words of passages from the Bible. Creative people like to add their flourishes to it and make it pretty, and that’s wonderful! But it isn’t necessary. Faith and Fear Scripture Writing PagesWe have compiled passages of Scripture on specific topics, and put them together with space to write out the ones you choose. The ever-growing library of topics can be found in the resource library.

Products and Resources We Recommend

There are some fantastic resources out there from some amazing Christian women who are committed to helping us all live on purpose and on mission. From Bible studies, to life-organization tools, to prayer strategy resources, regular Bible study gets a little easier with some help from our sisters in Christ.  Here are a few we highly recommend. And below, you will find some links to some tools and Bible studies on Amazon that have helped countless women learn to study the Word of God for themselves.