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As victims of betrayal trauma, we face a mountain range of obstacles which stand between us and a healthy, fulfilling life. But we serve a God who casts mountains into the depths of the sea! With a mustard seed of faith, a fierce resolve to obey God, the determination to do the work, and the help of the Giver of all good things we can heal from this and spend our lives, not as victims, but as victors.

You're not alone!

The road to healing is long and hard, but you don't have to walk it alone! HDLD Ministries is committed to walking right beside you the whole way. We've been there too! No matter your financial situation, we're confident we can find a way to help you right where you are. So look around, get comfortable, and when you're ready contact us to get plugged into the help you've been looking for.

Can't Miss Series

Don't miss Esther's very special guest appearance on the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Podcast!!!
Listen in as Anne and Esther discuss the days following her discovery of her husband's betrayals, and what led to her decision to stay in the marriage.

Healing from Betrayal Trauma Resources

Let's Chat!

HDLD Ministries offers individual mentoring
to help you work through your betrayal trauma,
as well as classes addressing specific topics like
boundaries, identity, or communication.
Click the button below to visit our ministry page and find out what specific classes are currently being offered, or to sign up for your first 30-minute mentoring session.

The Hope for Tomorrow Program
& Hope House

This program is where we really feel God leading the future of this ministry. We have recognized a need, and we feel called to do everything we can to meet it. Basically this would be a program designed to help women with no support system of their own find safety and healing. The ultimate goal would be to see their marriages restored, but with two healthy people following God for their future.
You can read a lot more about the project on the Ministry Page HERE, but if you are a woman who needs a program like this, please click the link below to contact us.

Best books/workbooks for Betrayal Trauma Recovery (plus mine).

Resources beyond His Dearly Loved Daughter Ministries:

Check out this awesome ministry by Marsha Means, MA. Here you can find all kinds of resources to help you heal!

Find a wealth of resources including an awesome Podcast you really have to check out!

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