There are many costs associated with running a website, not to mention a ministry, and the more it grows, the more expensive it gets. At His Dearly Loved Daughter Ministries, we try our best to offer our services and resources for very little or no cost whenever possible. We spend significant time working with couples and especially with women who have been impacted by betrayal, and in most cases this is done free of charge. There is also a great deal of time that goes into gathering, researching, writing, and maintaining the ever growing library of content and resources on the website.

We’re not complaining. We LOVE what we do, and God has been very faithful to provide for our needs through our day jobs. But if the reach of the ministry is going to continue to grow, it is going to need funding. Again, God will provide according to His will and in His timing, so if you feel He may be leading you to be a part of that process, we would greatly appreciate your gift.