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Donate to HDLD Ministries:

Here at HDLD Ministries we believe the tithe is a very important aspect of obedience to God. Therefore, the first 10% of all money that goes through the ministry will be given to the ministry in Senegal, which you can read more about that HERE.
After that, every dollar raised through donations to HDLD Ministries will be used to further our mission: Reaching precious daughters and sons of God who have been wounded and broken by sexual addiction, porn addiction, intimate betrayal, abusive relationships, and other such traumas and point them to the only Source of true healing - the Lord Jesus Christ.
Below, you'll find options to donate to specific projects or purposes like the Hope For Tomorrow Program, but if you're just a supporter of the ministry in general and don't have a specific request as to how your money will be used, click the "Donate" button below and know your donation will be put to very good use!

Specific Donation Options

You may prefer to donate to something specific rather than just a general donation. We would be happy to make sure your funds go exactly where you'd like them to! Here are some options:

The Hope for Tomorrow Program

We're so excited about the future of this program, and really believe this will end up being the primary mission of HDLD Ministries. For more information on the specifics of this ministry check out the Ministry Page. Of course, right now, it's just in the dreaming/fund raising stage, but even now there are women eager to see it become a reality because their need is great, and it is now!
If you feel God leading you to donate to this project, please know your money will be set aside with all the others to go towards the purchase/lease of HOPE HOUSE. Thank-you in advance on behalf of these women who have no one else to fight for them, and are relying completely on God's provision! May your generosity be multiplied as it returns to you as blessing!

"Give and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full - pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured out into your lap..." Luke 6:38
The Ministry in Senegal

Through our connections in Senegal we've had the privilege of meeting this amazing lady. You can read all about her story HERE. We were already able to buy her a car, which has dramatically extended the reach of her ministry, but there's still great need.
She's in the process of building a ministry center now. She builds what she can as she's able to get the money together to do it. Below are some pictures both of the progress, and just of her ministry in general. This is where the HDLD tithe will go, but if you'd like to give beyond that, click the button below and we'll be sure it gets to her!