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Book Review: Hope for the Hurting Wife

I’m really excited to tell you about a book I’ve been reading – Hope for the Hurting Wife: 30 Days of Encouragement for Your Marriage by Rebekah Hallberg & Jen Stults. If you find yourself in a difficult spot in your marriage and are looking for something to fire you up each morning and renew your commitment to push through even when you’re stuck in the “for worse” of marriage, this is it!  

Hope for the Hurting Wife offers 30 short, easy to read chapters with a refreshing perspective for women trying to figure out what to do next. Jen and Rebekah refuse to give up on their own marriages and give each of us permission to stay too. They give us permission to fight. Permission to call on Almighty God to redeem what has been broken.  

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Meet the Authors 

Both Rebekah and Jen have faced impossible circumstances in their marriages, which gives them credibility as they call on us to make some pretty difficult choices.  Rebekah has felt the sting of betrayal, and lives with the consequences of her husband’s choices day in and day out. Jen, shares her life with a man who is plagued by depression and PTSD that is a result of severe childhood trauma. She has had to learn to navigate the turbulent waters of such a life. 

As you make your way through the pages of this book, you will come to know Rebekah as a woman whose heart beats for redemption through Jesus Christ. She inspires us to get up and fight; to move forward from trauma, while teaching us how to protect our hearts at the same time. She assures us of God’s divine power to bring dead things back to life, while reminding us that we don’t get to decide how He will do it. She reminds us that often times God doesn’t work in the way or according to the timing we would have chosen. But, He is God and we are not, so we have to trust Him. She offers personal testimony to His faithfulness, and gratitude for His sovereignty.  

You’ll also find Jen to be a sister in Christ who fights to dismantle the lies women tend to believe when faced with a difficult marriage and replace them with the truth of the Word of God. She offers practical advice and insights to help wives find effective ways to come alongside their husbands while allowing God to do His work. She teaches us how to recognize progress, how to love when we feel unloved, to cover our marriages in grace, and how to be a warrior wife. 

You’ll find yourself falling in love with both women as they open themselves up with courageous vulnerability and give us an honest look into their most difficult moments. You’ll appreciate how they both give us permission to feel – to feel sad, to feel grief, to feel love-less. As they admit to their own imperfections and share their mistakes, it will become easier to admit our own, and listen to the wisdom they’ve learned through their successes and their failures. 

30 days to finding hope in your marriage - link to buy the book.
Click the image to purchase the book.

*This is an affiliate link. You can read my full disclosure statement here.

Tools You’ll Find  

The chapters of this book offer so many practical tools. You will appreciate the simplicity in the how-to guides, the lists of ideas and resources, and the step-by-step instructions to conquer some of the peskiest problems you’ll encounter in marriage.  

You will find: Prayer prompts for your marriage, a how-to guide to stir up love when it has been lost, steps to take to learn to control your emotions, practical ideas to promote communication, ways to restore physical intimacy in order to build a healthy marriage, tips on practical ways to let your husband lead, and so much more. 

In Hope for the Hurting Wife, both Jen and Rebekah call us to honesty and transparency in our relationships. Click To Tweet

Both Jen and Rebekah call us to honesty and transparency in our relationships. They give us permission to cry when we need to cry, to unload the anger (in a healthy way) when we need to do that, and even to enjoy a good day when it comes too. They give us permission to not say I love you when that’s not what we feel or believe. But then offer practical advice on how to choose to love again. They encourage us to shower our marriages in prayer and to seek God first in all circumstances.  

Ultimately, what Jen and Rebekah give us, is reassurance that God is the One to whom we must appeal when marriage gets rough. This book is absolutely jam-packed with testimonies of who He is, reminders to get on our knees, calls to get into the Word, and appeals to trust HIM. These women are living what they preach and taking a bold stand for marriage in a world that wants to give up. They will fire you up and motivate you to fight another day. They will encourage you to stand with Almighty God for marriage, just as they are.  As Rebekah put it, “…I’m getting up each day. I’m drawing my line in the sand. I’m trusting God (truthfully, I’m almost daring Him at times when my faith is small) to be who He says He is.”

In Hope for the Hurting wife you will find two women who are living what they preach and taking a bold stand for marriage in a world that wants to give up. Click To Tweet

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    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this today. I appreciate your words and the way you’ve captured our desire to help others. This is quite the journey and we need each other!
    Thank you for sharing this – blessings, friend!!

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