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At His Dearly Loved Daughter, we're finding our identity in our Jehovah Rapha. He is the God who heals. Whether you're working through affair recovery, or some other trauma or brokenness, we've got something for you! So grab your Bible, a box of tissues, and a cup of coffee, and let's lean into God as we heal together!

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Finding My Identity in Christ
Discovering Jehovah Rapha - The God Who Heals
Affair Recovery
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I Am an Imitator of God; Living in the Light

I am an Imitator of God; Living in the Light

We’ve been working our way through the book of Ephesians in this “Identified” series. We’re learning to allow God to define us as we find our identity in Christ. (Click to catch up) Today we’re starting Ephesians 5 to learn about our call to be an imitator of God. We’re ...
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I am Sealed by the Holy Spirit and Enabled to Live Righteously

I Am Sealed by the Holy Spirit and Enabled to Live Righteously

We’ve been working our way through the book of Ephesians, learning to identify ourselves according to God’s definitions and not those of the world or the enemy. (Click to catch up. Today we’re learning about the power we have to live righteously, which we’ve been given through the Holy Spirit ...
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Letting go of Control and Fear with Good Boundaries

Letting Go of Control and Fear with Good Boundaries

When we come to a place in which we realize letting go of control and fear has become a necessity, I doubt there are many of us who naturally think of good boundaries as the way to do it! Quite the opposite. Most people have such a distorted view of ...
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Finding my Identity through the Fog

Finding My Identity Through the Fog

Sometimes life gets foggy. For one reason or another stress piles up and it becomes difficult to navigate or even find the path forward. When that stress is a result of intimate betrayal, especially when it has been repeated again and again, the fog is likely to gather all around ...
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Joshua - Leaving a Legacy of Faith featured image

Joshua – Leaving a Legacy of Faith

We've been looking at the life of one of the most complex characters in the Bible, finding a treasury of lessons from the life of Joshua. But before we talk about his commitment to leaving a legacy of faith, let's remember what we've already learned. He started out as Moses's ...
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Joshua the Warrior featured image

Joshua the Warrior

We're working our way through a study of the life of Joshua. So far we've seen him as a servant leader under Moses in the first part, and then as a brand new leader, standing firm in faith at the walls of Jericho in the second. In this third part, ...
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Joshua at the walls of Jericho featured image

Joshua at the Walls of Jericho

I hope you read part one of this series about the life of Joshua, because it helps us understand how we've come to this point in which we find Joshua at the walls of Jericho, stepping out as the brand new leader of the people of Israel. Though we did ...
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The Life of Joshua: Strong, Courageous Victorious Part One - Joshua as a Servant Leader

The Life of Joshua: Strong, Courageous, Victorious (Part 1)

I have always loved reading about the life of Joshua in the Bible. He has been one of my favorite Bible characters for as long as I can remember. The theme of his life was, "Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." ...
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Addiction, Lies, & Relationships Feature Image

Addiction, Lies, and Relationships

It's time to address a very important reality about addiction, lies, and relationships. When we're active in our addiction, or even at the beginning stages of recovery, it can be difficult to understand why confession is SO important. The enemy tells us we're protecting the people we love by not ...
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How to let god of control in a relationship featured image.

How to Let Go of Control in a Relationship

There is a fundamental truth about addiction, or any willful sin for that matter, and it is that the problem is never the fault of anyone but the addict (or the sinner). If someone we love is battling addiction, it absolutely is NOT our fault. However, there are things we ...
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Psalm 37: How to Trust God in Difficult Times featured image

Psalm 37: How to Trust God in Difficult Times

After facing an intimate betrayal, or any other trial for that matter, we all have to figure out how to trust God in difficult times. We're tempted to believe that when life is hard it's somehow an indication that God has abandoned us, or that He is untrustworthy. But it ...
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Does God love me no matter what featured image

Does God Love Me No Matter What?

I know it seems like a ridiculous question to many of you: "Does God love me no matter what?" For a lot of you the ability to accept God's love for what it is doesn't present any problems. You think, "Of course He loves you, He died for you!" But ...
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Taming the Tongue Cover Image

Communicating God’s Way: Taming the Tongue

Is there anything more central to communicating God’s way than taming the tongue? I mean, if we could all somehow learn just to control what comes out of our mouths, being sure that every word was pleasing to God, and nothing more, I feel certain we’d see dramatic improvement in ...
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I Am Uniquely Gifted and Called by God to Serve

I am Uniquely Gifted and Called by God to Serve His Church

I hope you've been following along with our Identified Series. We're working our way through the book of Ephesians in order to find our identity in Christ.(Click to catch up.) Today we’re learning about our calling and gifting. Our identity in Christ is such a wonderful, mighty identity that it ...
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separation in marriage bible

I Think We Need a Separation in our Marriage. What Does the Bible say?

If I were to do a google search of the words, "separation in marriage bible" what do you think I'd find? Well, I'd find it's something people are searching, and I'm not surprised. When we were going through the very early stages of recovery, separation wasn’t really on our radar, ...
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