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At His Dearly Loved Daughter, we're finding healing in Christ after intimate betrayal. Whether you're healing from betrayal trauma, working to recover from a sexual addiction, restoring a broken marriage, or learning to find your identity in Christ, we've got something for you! So grab your Bible, a box of tissues, and a cup of coffee, and let's lean into God as we heal together!

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Healing from Betrayal Trauma
Restoring a Broken Marriage
My Identity in Christ
Recovering from Sexual Addictions
Our Story
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Why I Want to Have Faith Like Joseph

Why I Want to have Faith Like Joseph

Why I Want to have Faith Like Joseph We're working our way through a really great book in our family devotions. It's called The Story of the Bible, by Beverly Hubbard. I highly recommend it. Anyhow, tonight our reading covered the story of Joseph. I've always been fascinated by Joseph's ...
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The Next 90 Days: Our Therapeutic Separation cover image

The Next Ninety Days – Our Therapeutic Separation

*This is the story of our Therapeutic Separation. What you read below is what I wrote the night my love moved out to start our 90-day time apart. God taught us a lot during this time, and you can read the updates in Growing Faith and Moving Mountains Part One ...
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Our Story Part 3 - Facing off with the Monster

Our Story Part 3: Facing Off with the Monster

Our Story Part 3: Facing Off with the Monster When I wrote this post, I was believing God that this wasn't the end of our story. I was hoping and praying that there were many more chapters to come – wonderful chapters. But this was the chapter we were in ...
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Our Story Part 2 - The Slow Fade

Our Story Part 2: The Slow Fade

Our Story Part 2: The Slow Fade The slow fade is what I'm calling the part of our story in between the first five or six years of marriage and the years when we faced off with the monster that threatened to tear us apart. These middle years were all ...
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Our Story

Our Story Part 1: The Early Years

Our Story Part 1: The Early Years We met when we were 16, became a couple within months of meeting and were completely enamored with each other in almost no time. We were young, but even then it was obvious to us and to most everyone who knew us that ...
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About Me

Welcome to His Dearly Loved Daughter, I'm so glad you're here! I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a few things about me. My story is not unique. It is the story of countless women all over the world and throughout time. Perhaps it's your story too. I ...
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Looking for more support as you heal from betrayal trauma?

Do you love the blog, but find yourself wishing there was more support available to you? Good news!

At His Dearly Loved Daughter Ministries, we offer an ever growing list of resources to help you. Check out our Ministry Page to find our coaching services, online classes and groups, and information about our speaking ministry.

If you're a betrayed wife who is deeply committed to seeking and following God and His will as you heal, we'd love to have you in our Facebook support group! Message Cherith today and we'll get you added.