Introducing: Hope for Today

Introducing: Hope for Today

Today, His Dearly Loved Daughter launched a new feature here on the site and I am so excited to tell you a little about it.  It has been a real joy for me to write this blog over the past few months.  It has helped me more than words can express to process my own journey toward healing and to share it with others, all the while seeking to glorify God and to be an encouragement to those who read it.  I will, of course, continue to do that in my weekly full length posts, just as I have been doing so far.  I discovered something, though, as I’ve been writing.  The posts that brought me the greatest joy to write were the same posts that seemed to be the biggest encouragement to my readers.  They were the posts that were filled with scripture.  The posts in which I allowed the Word of God to do the most important speaking, and that gave me an idea.

As we all face the obstacles in our lives, the most important thing we can do is seek God by looking to His Word.  I have the “verse of the day” widget on my phone from the YouVersion Bible App and I can’t tell you how many times I have turned my phone on, looked down at the screen and read the verse of the day and found that it was exactly what I needed right in that moment.  So many times I felt like God had orchestrated that just for me.  So I thought, how cool would it be to do something kind of like that with the blog?  To find 365 verses that really speak to a healing heart and point back to the Great Physician, and to put some sort of daily encouragement out there for people.

So that’s what we’ve done.  Hope For Today will be a daily feature for at least the next 365 days.  Each morning there will be a new scripture passage followed by a few words of encouragement from me.  (These will each be accessible for only 24 hours, so come back daily to make sure you don’t miss any.)  It is my prayer that God uses it to encourage and inspire us all to seek and to follow hard after Him.  He is the only true source of hope.  The only real provider of peace.  The only One who’s love is genuine and complete and given freely to each of us.

One word of caution.  This is not intended to take the place of much deeper and more extensive time in the Word.  I strongly encourage everyone to find a good Bible study plan (I really like The One Year Bible plan.  The YouVersion Bible App has a great little tool to help you keep track of your reading and keep you up to date. After one year you will have read the whole Bible!)  and to spend at least a half hour every day alone with God.  Hope for Today is simply meant to supplement our own personal Bible study.  To offer a quick source of encouragement, a daily challenge, and to inspire us to face our day with God in the driver’s seat.  To remind us to live each day knowing exactly who we are – His dearly loved daughters!

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  1. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! Wish I could do something like that but my schedule is just too tight. God’s grace with it and may it bring hope, healing and encouragement to you and your readers in Jesus’ name.

    1. Author

      Thank-you Edith! Perhaps someday your schedule will open up and you’ll be able to do this too. It’s been so much fun!

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